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Reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit

Let Me Help You... and Others

My calling is to help others achieve a better, happier, and more serene life.

I have acquired an array of skills throughout my career that gives me the opportunity to offer a holistic approach to life coaching.
I'm a certified mindfulness coach, meditation and yoga teacher, personal trainer and nutritionist.
I only work with a small number of clients, and spend the other half of my time helping people pro bono.

Are you happy?

Probably not – or you wouldn't be here.

Searching for help?

Now the question is – how can I improve the quality of your life.

Lets meet and we will develop a plan specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

About me

About Me

Experienced Life Counsellor,
Personal Trainer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I am a Swiss - American dual citizen with a passionate commitment
to grow personally and help others.
It has become clear over the last few years that my life and employment goals have expanded. My spiritual and educational journey has allowed me to develop skills that give me the opportunity to be of service to others in many and varied ways.
I am a counselor, mentor, certified mindfulness and meditation practitioner, life skills coach specializing in helping people with addictions problems. Personal trainer, golf and tennis coach competent in all aspects of functional training, rebalancing and rehabilitation.


Life Coaching

Every client is different, and we will find an approach that is tailored specifically for your needs. Lets improve the quality of your life together.

My method is to work one on one to find out how to best help you. This will be a process that we can only achieve together.

I only take on a small number of clients at the same time in order to have maximum attention and time for the people I am counselling.

Helping people in need

I am also a substance abuse counsellor.

What is also important to me is to be of service to people who are in dire need helping those not fortunate enough to be in a stable financial situation. I do this at no cost to them.

So by using my services you are not only helping yourself, you are helping others.

Lonely Traveller

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally.

It comes from what you do consistently.

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Plattenstrasse 46 

8032 Zürich


+41 79 840 16 04

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